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La Chaux-de-fonds (1971b.)

Swiss artist draws significant inspiration from his late uncle Noel Jeanbourquin, who is widely regarded as one of Jura's eminent abstract painters. Noel Jeanbourquin's modern approach, which blends bright colours, contrasts, geometric paintings and abstract thinking, initiated Nicolas's love for abstract art. Since then, he has successfully explored various forms of artistic expression, including music, modern art, and video, gaining recognition for his work at the Expo. 02 The 6th National Exposition in Switzerland in 2002.

Nicolas's creative practice is driven by his fascination with the application of generative technology. His collaboration with artist Léa Dubois on the Credit Suisse contest video show: Switzerlove, was a resounding success. The winning art video offered a highly provocative kaleidoscopic movie experience, which showcased flesh and Swiss cliches using generative image calculation and algorithms, was well-received and highlighted the artist's mastery of generative technology.


In 2003, Nicolas moved to China, driven by his passion for improving the design of luxurious products, particularly watches. Over the last two decades, he has built a reputation as a digital designer and creative director for renowned brands and clients. The pandemic has served to further reconnect the artist with his art and music, providing him with a renewed sense of purpose and strength to bring vitality and love to the world through his artworks.


Nicolas’s first art solo exhibition Transformation has featured his recent collection of abstract paintings and digital works.

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