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Who is responsible for delivering my artwork?

The artist or owner of the artwork is responsible for arranging door-to-door delivery to you, they will select the best means and company to handle your shipment.


The artist or owner of the artwork is required to pay all shipping, packing and transit insurance fees. However, you as the purchaser may have to settle other fees, such as customs clearance fee and VAT etc., when applicable, before delivering to your designated address. You should contact the customs department for further details.

Where can I check the status of my purchase?

You will receive emails from Art Curators Hub whenever there is an update to your purchase. The shipping confirmation email will include a tracking number so that you may keep up with the shipping status.

Do I need to sign any documents upon delivery?

Your artwork will be shipped and delivered by an international courier company. In most situations, they require a signature of the recipient when the package is delivered.


You should also scan and send the delivery note with your signature to to acknowledge the artwork is delivered in a good and satisfactory condition.

Can I return an artwork?

Unfortunately, all sales are final. Works cannot be returned to the artists or owners of the work after being delivered in a satisfactory condition.


However, if the artwork was damaged upon delivery, please contact us at with pictures so that we can work with the artist or owner of the artwork to undertake an investigation.


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