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Thomas Carrigan


Thomas Carrigan is a representational painter based in Hong Kong. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland and received his BA Honors Fine Art from the prestigious drawing and painting department at the Glasgow School of Art. Carrigan has exhibited in shows across Scotland, UK and most recently in Hong Kong.


His multilayered pieces capture motion and the continual flow of time. He often leaves areas of paintings in a lesser state of completion, as a way of making reference to the process of painting and the time that has elapsed in the creation of the work, these areas he likes to refer to as “fragments of time”. Carrigan’s subject matter varies and he likes to use different sources for the imagery that he depicts, from photos that he takes himself to found images and photographs that are given to him. He does this to document his own life and experiences, describing the work as a visual diary of existence.

  • Medium

    Oil on Canvas

  • Dimensions

    92 x 61 cm

  • Style


  • Year


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