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  • Peony and Butterfly

Peony and Butterfly

Satoshi Ito 


What makes Mr. Ito unique among today's Rimpa artists is that he developed the Renga style, in which images of flowers, birds, wind, and the moon are freely combined to create a new world out of the sequence and chain of images. 


In recognition of his outstanding technique and expressive ability, he assumed the pseudonym "Ugean" in 2016, which has been passed down from generation to generation in the Sakai family, at the behest of Homi Sakai, the seventh generation of the Sakai family and chairman of the NPO Edo Rimpa Succession Society, as an artist who carries on the tradition of the Edo Rimpa school. 

  • Medium

    Mixed media print (Edition 156 of 180)

  • Dimensions

    43.8 x 108.8 cm (framed)

  • Style


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