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  • Still Life with Arms and Legs

Still Life with Arms and Legs



Sacha (b.1965) was born and raised in New York. He lives between Thailand and Spain nowadays. Currently in Spain, Sacha is heavily influenced by Picasso, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Botero and many others, he started to search for his own style and technique since the age of 15.


Sacha’s works are self-aware delineations with a unique formal aesthetic owning to his meticulous method of tinting and shading the painted surface by etching circles with a toothpick or nail. With Circulism, Sacha has been able to use all types of paints on all types of surfaces, such as canvas, wood, cardboard, paper, and glass.

  • Medium

    Coloured Pencils on Paper

  • Dimensions

    38 x 28 cm

  • Style


  • Year


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